Little John Digester

Source: DO2E

DO2E’s patented “Little John Digester” system was designed for the oxidation and removal of F.O.G. (Fats, Oils, & Grease), matting, and odor in commercial and residential lift stations, grease traps, and wet wells all by utilizing the latest green technology.

DO2E’s Little John Digester achieves the oxygen transfer required for the breakdown of F.O.G. particulates. F.O.G. is converted on contact into suspended micro-fine particulates. Our technology keeps the particulates in constant suspension and prevents the converted F.O.G. particulates from reforming in the discharge lines.

Our patented Digester has no moving parts and is a cost effective and energy efficient solution for solids removal in Lift Stations and Wet Wells. All models of the Little John Digesters operate with low pressure, high volume airflow provided by a regenerative blower located outside the pumping station.

Most units will come equipped with “A.O.P.”. Advanced Oxidation Processing (A.O.P.) is Hybrid Ozone with Hydroxyl Radicals. A.O.P is used in conjunction with our system for advanced odor control to correct issues that require specific attention for remediation.

The only maintenance required on DO2E’s Little John Digester is to periodically inspect and clean the air filter located on the blower. With no moving parts, our units enhance worker safety, and Lift Station maintenance is reduced by up to 95%.