Liquid Ai Services

Source: Real Tech Inc.

Real Tech is advancing the digital future of water. Our new Liquid Ai data services are bringing intelligent insights to our clients’ water quality monitoring applications.


We combine our advanced data rich UV-VIS sensors with our custom machine learning algorithms to detect and predict a wide array of water quality parameters and compounds in real-time. This includes several parameters traditionally left to the laboratory and difficult to detect compounds that otherwise couldn’t be monitored such as BOD, COD, black liquor, dyes, soaps, surfactants, and much more.

Our Liquid Ai Calibration Health Monitoring service enables us to bring real meaning to your water quality information and provides you with the highest level of confidence in your results. We ensure the desired parameters and compounds are as accurate and predictive of the lab as possible by continuously monitoring the health of each calibration.

Real Tech actively monitors your system remotely, enabling continuous calibration improvements to be made as water quality composition changes or new contaminants are introduced. We ensure reliability and trust in your results over the long term to help you make informed decisions to improve your plants processes. The longer our systems are installed, the smarter and more insightful they become with Liquid Ai service.


Liquid Ai Remote Monitoring service gives users the ability to access sensor information anywhere, anytime. The web-based platform provides secure access to information including water quality data, current system status, upcoming maintenance requirements and more. Dashboards can be configured to user preferences with options available for multi-plant dashboards, plant-level dashboards and sensor dashboards.