News | May 15, 2019

LG Sonic Launches First Office Expansion In The U.S.


We at LG Sonic, a leading algae management company serving top-level water & energy utilities and lake management companies around the world, are proud to announce our first office expansion. In March of this year, LG Sonic established an office in the United States.

Sound waves to control algal blooms
LG Sonic has developed an environmentally friendly solution to control algal blooms. It combines real-time water quality monitoring and ultrasound technology to control algal blooms in large water surfaces.

LG Sonic US
The launch of LG Sonic US marks the first of two office expansions planned for this year. LG Sonic currently serves customers in the United States, including American Water, Exelon and the Vallecitos Water District in California. Furthermore, the Government of Florida and LG Sonic are exploring a possible collaboration for controlling algal blooms throughout the state of Florida.

“This is a great milestone for the company, our employees, and clients who will benefit from the expansion to the US,” said Yousef Yousef, CEO of LG Sonic. “With the launch of LG Sonic US, we are we are able to expand to better serve the US water treatment market.” This ambitious next chapter, coupled with the appointed of Greg Eiffert as director of LG Sonic US, demonstrates this growth. Greg is an experienced entrepreneur with in-depth knowledge of the water and wastewater market as well as the municipal market throughout the US.

Harmful algal blooms in the US
Harmful algal blooms (HABs) are a severe environmental problem in the United States. All the states are experiencing the impacts of algal blooms at some level. Algal blooms threaten human health by contaminating drinking water sources. To control algal blooms in drinking water reservoirs, it is important to have insights into the water quality. Monitoring of algae and water quality parameters, such as chlorophyll-a, phycocyanin, turbidity, and dissolved oxygen, provides information about algal growth, with which LG Sonic has developed a unique MPC-Buoy algae solution. By combining real-time water quality monitoring and ultrasound technology, algal blooms are effectively controlled in large water surfaces.

Source: LG Sonic