Let's Get Checked – Mobile BSL-2+ Clinical Laboratory

Let’s Get Checked – Mobile BSL-2+ Clinical Laboratory

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, clinical laboratories were faced with an urgent need to rapidly expand their testing capacity. Given the importance of disease surveillance in a public health crisis, Germfree's priority was to quickly create a series of rapidly deployable laboratory spaces that could be used for disease surveillance in emergencies, as temporary laboratory spaces, and as swing spaces.

Project features

  • Size: 53′ trailer
  • Layout configurations: BSL-2+ configuration
  • Facilities/Equipment: Mobile BSL-2+ Clinical Laboratory
  • Features: BSL-2 containment

The challenge

Provide laboratory space for various market segments and applications that require microbiological containment laboratory facilities and require optimal mobility and compliance with world standards for efficient, early disease surveillance.

The answer

To meet this challenge, Germfree developed rapidly deployable clinical laboratory spaces tailored to the diverse needs and locations of clinical laboratories. The technical features of the BSL-2+ enhanced clinical laboratory include:

  • 53-foot mobile BSL-2+ biocontainment lab: Built on a drop deck dry van trailer platform, this mobile laboratory has five distinct work zones (BSL-2 enhanced laboratory, BSL-2 laboratory (PCR Prep), 2 anterooms, and a laboratory command center), making it suitable for immediate deployment within the continental United States or ROW.

How we helped

Germfree’s range of rapidly deployable lab spaces demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing flexible and adaptable solutions for clinical laboratories in times of crisis. These labs, including the Let’s Get Checked Clinical Lab launched for COVID-19 testing, have proven invaluable for emergency disease surveillance and rapid response. By designing and manufacturing these state-of-the-art mobile and containerized labs, Germfree has enabled clinical laboratories worldwide to meet the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, ultimately strengthening their ability to respond to future crises.

Product details

The containment system had to meet numerous requirements. It shall have one transfer chamber and one main chamber capable of maintaining ISO 5 conditions; shall be capable of maintaining a defined pressure differential between the main chamber and the room during all processes to minimize microbial ingress. The transfer chamber shall provide a barrier to cross-contamination between the main chamber and the room. The containment system shall have airflow from a HEPA supply filter to maintain conditions within the chamber. HEPA exhaust filtration shall be provided to allow air to be returned to the room. The containment system HEPA filters shall be certified to be 99.99% effective for 0.3 micron particle removal. The containment system will accommodate glove ports for operators to perform operations within the unit. Production Period: Equipment shall be designed for continuous 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week operation with periodic use.