Las Vegas Water Treatment Plants to get Ozone Systems

Praxair-Trailigaz Ozone Companycity of Las Vegas recently awarded Praxair-Trailigaz Ozone a contract to construct a $13 million oxygen and ozone production system that will be used at the Alfred Merritt Smith and the River Mountain plants. Praxair-Trailigaz Ozone CompanyAlfred Merritt Smith plant will have 5 ozone units with a capacity of 1800 kg/d, each fed by 2 oxygen production plants (VPSA technology) with a capacity of 45 tonnes/d. Praxair-Trailigaz Ozone CompanyRiver Mountains plant will have 3 ozone units with a capacity of 900 kg/d supplied by 2 VPSA plants (20 tonnes/d). <%=company%>