News | November 17, 2010

Large American Aerospace Company Awards Contract To APTwater For Groundwater Remediation Of Regulated Compounds

Source: APTwater, Inc.

APTwater, Inc., an emerging leader in water and wastewater treatment process technologies and services, has been awarded a multi-million dollar contract by a large American aerospace company for treatment of contaminated ground water, it was announced recently.

The agreement with the aerospace company calls for "a substantial order" of APTwater's patented HiPOx® technology, which sustainably remediates contaminated groundwater, and generates no waste. The remedial treatment will focus on regulated compounds, including 1,4-dioxane, at two different sites in California.

"This new contract is a great example of how our HiPOx® technology can be applied to challenging water remediation," said David Stanton, Chief Executive Officer APTwater. "Our success with tough-to-treat compounds is at the core of our expertise and technology."

APTwater, which is pioneering clean water process technologies to enable water reuse, operates at over 200 water treatment sites nationwide and international sites in Canada and Asia.

About APTwater
APTwater, Inc. develops, commercializes and operates advanced water treatment systems that enable water reuse in the Municipal, Industrial, Environmental, and Private sectors worldwide. An example being the recently announced project by APTwater licensee Air Products for 30 million gallons per day of surface water treatment using HiPOx® technology, an advanced oxidation process (AOP), to destroy atrazine, control bromate formation, and meet virus inactivation requirements for health and human safety for the City of Wichita, Kansas. For more information, visit

SOURCE: APTwater, Inc.