News | February 2, 2018

Landia Chopper Pumps On The Right Road In Texas


A Chopper Pump made by Landia is playing an important role in a new effluent treatment plant for a leading Texas-based supplier of automotive lubricants.

Serving an equalization tank that contains a wide variety of plastic solids from the manufacturing and assembly process, the Landia Chopper Pump has been chosen for its proven reliability, efficiency and longevity.

Designed with a system that prevents solids from entering the pump casing, the Landia Chopper Pump will run continuously, requiring only a basic annual service. In fact, the plant recently budgeted to replace an old mixer used in another holding tank with a Landia Chopper Pump due to positive results that have already been achieved.

With simple preventative care, the automotive lubricants manufacturer is expecting a 20-years-plus lifetime for the Landia Chopper Pump.

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Source: Landia