Landa unveils larger model in line of revolutionary spin jet parts washers

Source: Landa Water Cleaning Systems

Landa unveils larger model in line of  revolutionary spin jet parts washers
Landa, North America's largest manufacturer of pressure washers, has introduced a larger model in the company's new line of automatic parts washers
Landa, North America's largest manufacturer of pressure washers, has introduced a larger model in the company's new line of automatic parts washers that uses the revolutionary spin jet technology for faster cleaning of parts.

The SJ-15 features a parts basket up to 32 inches long and 21 inches wide, large enough for cleaning most truck and automobile transmissions.

As with the smaller SJ-10, the SJ-15 features a water-propelled spray bar that spins around a stationary parts basket blasting soiled parts with focused cleaning power at a rate of up to 200 times per minute. Most conventional aqueous parts washers use a parts basket mounted on a turntable that revolves slowly under stationary spray nozzles.

Because the spray bar in the SJ-15 is propelled by water pressure there is no need for an electric turntable drive motor, transmission, gears, tires, brushes and other mechanical components that traditionally create maintenance headaches.

The SJ-15 has 30 precision spray nozzles, angled for maximum cleaning power, which whirl around the parts basket only 1 to 18 inches away. The parts basket, which is capable of handling load weights of up to 350 lbs., can be removed easily from the unit.

Like all of Landa's aqueous parts washers, the new SJ-15 Parts Washer uses hot water and biodegradable soaps--instead of solvents--for enviro-safe removal of oil, grease, process fluids, stamping compounds, lubricating oils, and shavings from metal parts. The SJ-15 is expected to be widely used in engine and equipment repair shops and even manufacturing facilities where medium-sized parts can be cleaned in batches.

The SJ-15 spray bar turns on a brass spin pin with long-lasting, low-maintenance, non-corrosive Teflon seals and bearings.

The unit is made of 12-gauge steel and is powder coated with an epoxy paint for longer life. It has an extra-large 80-gallon tank capacity which means the wash water stays hotter and cleaner longer.

Among the unique features of Landa's spin jet parts washers are:

  • Easy-to-remove, rectangular parts basket, which is more conducive to fitting automotive parts than the traditional circular baskets;
  • Easy-to-access chip trays, with optional oil-absorbing pads, are located just below the parts basket so the 170-degrees wash water in the tank does not have to be drained in order to retrieve a stray bolt or part;
  • 6KW energy-efficient calrod heating element protected in an incoloy sheath;
  • Interlocking, leak-free mechanical seal on lid eliminates the need for gaskets;
  • Durable lid with gas struts for easy opening and closing;
  • Automatic 1-hour wash timer protects against operator neglect;
  • Automatic 7-day heater timer saves energy and time by pre-heating the wash water only when needed;
  • Timed auto lid lock momentarily prevents lid from opening so as to protect the operator from hot water overspray;
  • 2 hp centrifugal pump for delivering hot-water spray of 35 gallons per minute at pressures of up to 48 psi;
  • High-density, plastic lid handles are mounted on the side for added safety;
  • Low-water shut down switch protects against damage to heating element; and
  • Power and low-water indicator lights for monitoring the unit's performance.

The SJ-15 also has a number of optional components to further enhance the cleaning effectiveness and operator convenience. Among them are adjustable thermostat, automatic water fill, a variety of small parts baskets and dividers, caster wheels for easy maneuvering in a shop, cleaning solution filtration system, service tray and tools for convenience in pre-scrubbing extra tough jobs.

Landa, Inc., located in Camas, Washington (just outside of Portland, Oregon), has been a leader in the cleaning equipment industry since 1969. In 1994 Landa introduced a new line of automatic, aqueous parts washers, including top-load, front-load and conveyor models.

Today Landa distributes its line of industrial cleaning equipment via a network of nearly 300 dealers throughout North America and more than 25 foreign countries.

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