News | May 14, 2018

LACROIX Sofrel Launches A New Range Of IoT Data Loggers

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SOFREL LX: a new generation of IoT data loggers for the monitoring of water networks and Non Revenue Water reduction

LACROIX Sofrel, a company with over 40 years' of expertise in the remote management of water and energy networks, is launching its new range of data loggers: SOFREL LX

Specifically designed for water networks, the 8 data loggers in the range are divided into 2 product families - SOFREL LS for drinking water networks and SOFREL LT for waste water.

Completely waterproof, guaranteeing up to 10 years of autonomy thanks to their high capacity lithium batteries and equipped with high-performance 2G/3G antenna, the Sofrel LX data loggers are compatible with all measurement instruments. Totally dedicated to the continuous monitoring and improvement of network performance, they offer water operators an optimal solution for 24-hour monitoring of installations without electricity. Their business-oriented features enable them to respond effectively to:

  • Smart remote metering,
  • District Metering Area (DMA),
  • Non Revenue Water reduction,
  • dynamic pressure management,
  • self-monitoring and continuous diagnostics,
  • rain gauge monitoring,
  • water quality and physico-chemical monitoring.

Very easy to install and easy to use thanks to the Sofrel PCWin2 and WEB LS data centralisation software, the LX data loggers are also open to all SCADA on the market and third-party applications from major water operators.

Data transmission, LACROIX Sofrel's core competence
Since its creation in 1971, LACROIX Sofrel has specialised in remote transmission and in particular wireless communication technologies. Today, it is a leader in the field and thanks to strong investments in R&D, LACROIX Sofrel has designed data loggers which integrate very high performance 2G/3G antenna specifically designed to work underground.

FLEX data loggers
All data loggers are available in the FLEX version. With this version, it is possible to use the internal antenna or connect an external antenna. This version offers more flexibility at the time of installation of the data logger. There is no need for an on-site reception test, even in the event of strong attenuation of the signal at the manhole, as the data logger adapts to different situations.

Fully remote data transmission
The remote transmission of data from sensors installed in water networks is a real challenge as it is reliant on the reliability of the antenna and on a specific communication protocol ensuring perfect data transmission to the SCADA central station.

Waterproof equipment designed to adapt to a harsh environment
The LX data loggers are IP68 certified (extended immersion tests for 100 days under 1 meter of water) for unencumbered deployment in flood areas.

The locking system facilitates on-site maintenance operations (simplified access to the battery and the SIM card) to avoid any factory returns and loss of use of the data loggers.

Battery and energy management guaranteeing up to 10 years' autonomy
Every effort has been made to make the LX data loggers as energy-efficient as possible. Electronics with very low energy consumption in optimised operating modes guarantee the extended autonomy of the data loggers.

The advantage for the operator is that they can rely on the availability of data for many years and reduce fleet maintenance costs (fewer trips to change batteries).

In addition, so as to avoid any disruption to the use of its data loggers, the LX user can anticipate the end of battery life via the energy counter (displayed in days remaining).

Simplified start up
It only takes a few minutes to start up the data loggers thanks to the SOFTOOLS graphical configuration software. Configuration of the equipment, guided by the software is done wirelessly via the PC Bluetooth connection. This means any intervention can be safely carried out close to the manhole.

Pre-processed data (average, maximum, night flows, volumes etc.) flows daily. It is compiled in dashboards or curves and analysed over time via the supervisory PCs.

The operator has an overview of the network and is alerted in the case of any deviations.

Combining performance, robustness, simplicity and durability, the SOFREL LX data loggers are part of the transformation towards intelligent water networks. They allow operators and local authorities to optimise resource management, network performance or control waste release into the environment so as to comply with smart city initiatives.

About LACROIX Sofrel
French leader in remote management, LACROIX Sofrel has been providing solutions for the remote monitoring and management of water networks (drinking water, sanitation and irrigation) and energy (heating networks, boiler rooms etc.) for over 40 years.

A subsidiary of the LACROIX Group (4000 employees and €441M turnover), LACROIX Sofrel has 170 employees and generates €39M in revenue. An international company, it carries out more than 25% of its export business through its subsidiaries (Spain and Italy) and a network of partners covering more than 40 countries.

With a large Research and Development department (30 people), LACROIX Sofrel brings together expertise in electronics, IT, automation and telecommunications to provide connected solutions for the protection of resources and the environment. For more information, visit