News | August 23, 2018

KSB Maintenance Event- Operations Challenge 2018

Source: KSB, Inc.

This year marks the 30th year of the Operations Challenge. KSB is excited to be supplying the package for the Operations Challenge KSB Maintenance Event through 2021.

Operations Challenge is the water quality industry's premier professional skills competition. Held annually at WEFTEC, the worlds largest annual water quality technical conference and exhibition, the event recognizes excellence in wastewater operations. Teams are evaluated in five events that cover every aspect of a typical municipal treatment plant process, from the bar screen to the laboratory, where they will demonstrate the skills necessary for contemporary water professionals. The event exposes participants to emerging practices and products in a competitive, educational, and social atmosphere. It is the culmination of qualifying events held by Water Environment Federation Member associations that occur during the year prior to WEFTEC.

The first Operations Challenge was held at WEFTEC in 1988. The first event attracted 22 teams and now typically involves 40 teams from 25 Member Associations.

The purpose of the KSB Maintenance Event is to test the skills of a maintenance team to respond to trouble at a sanitary sewer lift station that has resulted in an alarm. The teams will need to troubleshoot the electrical control panel, troubleshoot and perform routine maintenance on the KSB submersible pump, and restore the pump station to normal operating condition.

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Source: KSB, Inc.