News | April 10, 2018

Krausz USA Launches The HYMAX 2

Next generation HYMAX coupling with new no-tear flip gasket for more efficient installation; Easily accommodates different pipe materials and diameters

Krausz USA announced recently the launch of its HYMAX 2 coupling featuring a patented flip gasket that installers can easily flip in or out to accommodate different pipe ODs, allowing for faster and more efficient installations. The novel gasket also eliminates gasket removal mistakes since there is no need to tear out gasket layers to accommodate larger pipe ODs.

“Installers can simply flip-in the gasket for smaller ODs and flip it out for larger ODs,” said Krausz USA Vice President of Sales Cindy Kransler. “With HYMAX 2, installer no longer need to tear out gasket layers which helps make installers more efficient, saving both time and money.”

The HYMAX 2 is the next generation of the game-changing HYMAX coupling which introduced wide range couplings with two top-facing bolts and dynamic deflection. The coupling’s two top-facing bolts eliminate the need for extensive under pipe digging, minimize installer time in the ditch and maximize worker's safety. The HYMAX 2 features a T-handle to make it easy to carry and adjust on the pipe, and is a durable, long-term repair solution that can reliably withstand harsh ground conditions.

The coupling can absorb post-installation dynamic pipe deflection of up to 4° on each end, reducing the risk of damage and cracking due to ground shifts and temperature changes, and saving resources on future pipe repairs. The HYMAX 2 has an exceptional range of up to 1.3 inches and can connect pipes of different materials and diameters.

“After nearly 20 years and millions of installations in the U.S., installers have come to trust HYMAX for its reliability and ease of installation,” said Kransler. “The HYMAX 2 has even more flexibility to repair pipes of differing diameters and gives repair crews confidence that they can fix pipes quickly, leaving the site knowing that the repair will last.”

About Krausz
Krausz Industries, the creator of HYMAX, develops, designs, and manufactures market-leading smart products for repairing and connecting different kinds of pipes for potable water and sewage. It offers a broad portfolio of solutions, including standard products that range from 1.5” to 70” and custom-made products according to customers’ needs.

Over more than 90 years of industry leadership, and millions of installations worldwide, Krausz has earned a solid reputation for providing innovative, high-quality products. Designed for ease of installation, the HYMAX product lines saves cost by minimizing manpower requirements reducing inventory and enhancing safety by reducing time in the ditch. For more information, visit

Source: Krausz Industries