News | July 20, 2021

KMX And KAAM Group, Inc. Execute Exclusive Sales Agreement For Power & Utility Sector

Austin, TX (PRWEB) - KMX Technologies, LLC (“KMX”), a global market leader in membrane distillation, water treatment, and critical mineral recovery, today announced the execution of an exclusive sales agreement with KAAM Group, Inc. (“KAAM”), a leading independent water partner with deep expertise in the Power & Utility sector.

The sales agreement gives KAAM the exclusive rights to sell KMX’s technology and membrane distillation systems to the Power & Utility industry without geographic limitation.

Zachary Sadow, KMX CEO & Chairman, said, “We are thrilled to be partnered with KAAM Group. KAAM has deep knowledge and relationships in the Power & Utility market and will play a key role in selling KMX commercial systems and solutions to companies in this space and other end-users.”

KMX’s membrane distillation technology offers power providers several benefits, including the ability to capture critical minerals in waste-streams and coal ash ponds, and the ability to achieve zero-liquid discharge.

Keith Clardy, KAAM President & CEO, said, “We are excited to add KMX's unique water reuse technology to our ever-expanding product offerings, allowing us to continue to provide complete solutions for all water treatment needs within the Power industry.”

About KMX Technologies:
KMX Technologies is solving the most critical environmental and energy challenges of the 21st century. Through its proprietary membrane distillation technology, the company sustainably sources critical minerals necessary for next generation supply chains and infrastructure, is advancing wastewater treatment, and is accelerating energy storage with its direct lithium recovery enhancement processes.

About KAAM Group, Inc.:
KAAM Group, Inc. provides complete water treatment solutions for the industrial and municipal industries. With unique products and insights, we help our customers do more with less. Our products range from critical everyday products, such as filtration and membranes, to innovative, proprietary products that can lower the total cost of operation.

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