News | January 21, 2014

Kleinfelder Issued Patent For Innovative Environmental Remediation Process

Kleinfelder – a global architecture, engineering and science consulting firm – recently announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued U.S. Patent 8,580,114 covering a new remediation process designed to remove contamination from groundwater. This propriety method is applicable to areas where large dissolved plumes of contaminants (e.g., nitrates, perchlorate, metals, and other chemicals) are affecting groundwater.

The newly patented process relies on an underground treatment system consisting of a network of  injection and extraction wells with pre-emplaced emulsified vegetable oil or other appropriate reagent. Untreated groundwater is conveyed through the treatment system whereby contaminants undergo bioremediation (or chemical oxidation, depending on reagent selection). The treatment system is smaller in area than the plume and can be located in easy-to-access areas with appropriate soil types, and at convenient depths.

“Groundwater contamination is often widespread, difficult to access through traditional remediation technologies, and expensive,” said Edward (Ted) Tyler, a principal professional at Kleinfelder and inventor of the new process. “The remediation process was developed to work around many of these constraints while providing an effective means of remediating large dissolved plumes of contamination. This solution helps reduce client remediation costs, protects human health, and preserves the environment.”

This is Kleinfelder’s second patent in an expanding intellectual property portfolio to which Kleinfelder has exclusive rights.

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SOURCE: Kleinfelder