News | April 4, 2019

Kendra II, LLC And De Nora Near Completion Of A Produced Water Recycling Facility To Service The Marcellus Shale

Source: De Nora

Combining the prime location of the Kendra II, LLC’s facility with the market-leading economics of ClorTec® technology and recycling process will provide operators with affordable recycled water.

Kendra II, LLC, a water transportation, management and disposal provider, and De Nora, a leading designer of safe, innovative, and sustainable water disinfection and oxidation, filtration and electrochlorination solutions, are nearing completion of a produced water recycling facility in the heart of the Marcellus Shale, in Pennsylvania. The facility is set to commence operations in late May 2019.

The facility is capable of processing over 18,000 barrels per day of produced water, with Kendra II, LLC providing transportation, water management, logistics and disposal services as required by the customers. Based on a proven approach to produced water recycling in multiple shale plays throughout the country, De Nora will provide good quality brine for frac operations in the basin, reducing operators’ water disposal costs and fresh water drawdown. When combined with Kendra’s transportation capabilities, the new facility will serve as a hub for the provision of on-site generation of sodium hypochlorite – a safe, non-hazardous oxidant for use by operators for their disinfection needs.

Managing Director of De Nora Water Texas, LLC, Bryan Brownlie said, “As an environmental company at its core, De Nora is excited to be able to utilize our ClorTec® on-site generation technology in this space. This ‘clean’ approach does not use harmful chemicals, producing biocide via an electrochemical process where the only precursor is sodium chloride. Safe, sustainable drilling and completions activities is rightly a top priority for the operators in the Appalachian Basin, and we’re delighted to be doing our part to help them achieve those objectives without the use of added chemicals and the complications related to their transportation, storage, handling, usage and disposal.”

Kendra’s President, Kenneth Scavone said, “We are extremely excited to partner with De Nora. Since 2009, our team has been providing oilfield services to the Marcellus Shale. Kendra was formed to represent the merging of various services under one umbrella to provide our clients with a ‘complete liquids management’ approach. With this partnership with De Nora we now have the safest, most cost-effective green water treatment system in the industry. Our customers have been challenged with both economic treatment and logistic issues with water for years; our goal is to address all of those challenges with a smart economic solution.”

About Kendra II, LLC
Kendra II, LLC is a ‘Complete Liquids Management’ provider to the natural gas industry with its headquarters located in Northeast Pennsylvania. While meeting high environmental and safety standards, the company offers a variety of services such as the transportation of water, water recycling options/management, disposal thru recycling & UIC wells, and mobile & fixed water treatment solutions. The first centralized treatment facility is in Springville, Susquehanna County.

About De Nora
De Nora is an Italian multinational leader in sustainable technologies that offers energy saving products and water treatment solutions. Globally De Nora is the major provider of electrodes for electrochemical processes in the Chlorine & Caustic, Electronics & Surface Finishing and Renewable Energy Storage and is among the leaders in technologies and processes for the filtration and disinfection of water. It serves clients in 119 countries worldwide with 19 offices, 12 manufacturing facilities, and three research & development centers in Italy, the USA and Japan. The Group intellectual property portfolio currently contains 355 patent families with more than 3,000 territorial extensions and about 90 trademarks all over the world.

Source: De Nora