News | March 19, 2018

Keeping Residential Sewage Where It Belongs

Grinder pumps prevent backups and keep your system running smoothly

Your residential pump system is quite often out of sight, out of mind.

That is, until there is a problem. Very often a build-up of toilet paper, paper towels, fats, oils and greases will clog your system, increasing the risk of raw sewage backing up into your home and putting the operation of your pump system at risk. At this year’s Canadian Mechanical and Plumbing Exhibition (CMPX) — taking place March 21st to 23rd at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre — Zoeller Canada will be featuring its expanded Shark Series of grinder pumps that efficiently manages many of the more common household “flushable” materials.

“A sewer backup is an unsightly, smelly and costly mess,” says George Micevski, President of Zoeller Canada. “But it is a risk homeowners can avoid with the right equipment in place.”

Zoeller Company is one of North America’s oldest, independently owned pump manufacturers. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, all of its pumps are factory tested under water for dependability right out of the box.

The Shark Series includes both single and bi-directional grinder pumps. The bi-directional grinder pumps reverse direction with each pumping cycle to minimize jamming of debris and to ensure that wastewater keeps flowing. Pump performance is the same in either direction. Setting up two pumps on an alternating cycle (duplex) provides redundancy and backup while equalizing wear on the pumps. The larger grinder pumps feature finned cast iron construction for better temperature control, maximizing pump life. Zoeller’s patented moisture detection system provides an early warning in the event of a seal failure.

Zoeller Canada will also be displaying its new Pivot control panel in both simplex and duplex capabilities, for alternating between pumps, monitoring water levels, as well as monitoring pump cycles and run times. The Pivot comes standard with an audible and visual alarm and includes a number of optional features that can be added depending on the application. Additionally, the panels are produced right here in Canada.

CMPX is Canada’s national trade show and learning forum for the mechanicals industry. With more than 500 exhibitors, it is the place to discover emerging trends and the latest innovations in the air conditioning, heating (forced air and hydronics), plumbing, waterworks, water quality, piping, refrigeration and ventilation industries.

Find Zoeller Canada at CMPX in booth 1031 in the North Building of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

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About Zoeller
Zoeller Company began in 1939 as a family-owned operation making various products, one of which was a dependable column sump pump. From its humble beginnings, Zoeller Company, one of the oldest, independently-owned U.S. pump manufacturers, has maintained the highest of quality standards, setting the benchmark for all other manufacturers of pumps. All Zoeller pumps are time-tested and quality-driven. Our submersible pumps are 100% factory-tested underwater for dependability from the instant they're plugged in. Zoeller products are sold throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico as well as around the world. With five distinct product lines, Zoeller has the answer to all your pumping needs.

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