Johnson Screens® TRITON™ Underdrains

Source: Bilfinger Water Technologies


The Triton underdrain is designed for the collection and backwash distribution of water and air and includes direct retention of filtering media.

With large open area and the lowest headloss, U-shape channel rods and Vee-Wire® filtering media support profiles, the Triton™ underdrain system offers fine slots to suit any filter media specifications.

Vee-Wire® surfaces are part of all the Johnson Screens® underdrain products. Slot widths can be designed and constructed to handle all types of media to suit different needs.

Triton™ underdrains arrive at the project site fully assembled and require no grouting, special handling or special equipment. With a simple installation and the low headloss, Triton™ underdrains are less expensive to install, operate and maintain.



  • Lower energy costs due to reduced headloss and backwash power consumption
  • Longer filter runs due better cleaning of filter media
  • Better water recovery due to less backwash water required
  • Lower lifecycle costs due to the cumulative effect of all of the above


  • Ease of installation compared to other underdrain designs
  • No leveling of laterals
  • No grouting
  • No special tools or handling

Consulting Engineers

  • Proven design that delivers operational benefits for clients
  • Ease of installation for contractors
  • Computer modeling to insure installation operates as designed
  • Process optimization after installation based on computation fluid dynamics analysis throughout the design process