Johnson Screens® Passive Intake Screens

Source: Bilfinger Water Technologies


Bilfinger Water Technologies’ brand of Johnson Screens® passive intake screen system provides uninterrupted water withdrawal from lakes, rivers and oceans. The Johnson Screens® passive intake screen operates continuously and requires no downtime for cleaning or routine maintenance. Moreover, the system can be configured to meet US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) regulations for protecting aquatic life.

Maximum Efficiency
The combination of the non-plugging Vee-Wire® design and the patented internal flow modifier, provides a high open area while maintaining the lowest entrance velocity and pressure drop. This delivers a maximum water capacity with minimal entrainment and impingement.

Custom Designed and Engineered
With over 30 years of intake screen experience and hundreds of installations covering a variety of conditions, application engineers from Bilfinger Water Technologies can provide design and application assistance. From shallow rivers to deep oceans, the passive intake screen systems can meet site requirements anywhere in the world.

To provide maximum efficiency, the Johnson Screens® passive intake screen is custom designed and engineered to each unique environment, resulting in a system which costs less to install, operate and requires less maintenance.

Less Maintenance
The passive intake screen system have no moving parts that can break down or wear out. This eliminates the need to replace worn parts or make other costly repairs. The controlled entrance velocity on the passive intake screen, along with the specially matched Hydroburst™ air backwash, keeps the system clean and operating properly.

Lower Cost
The unique and flexible design of the passive intake screen system results in lower initial costs, no moving parts, less maintenance needs and a simplified installation — allowing for a reliable, inexpensive water supply.