JCM 414 Fabricated Mechanical Joint Tapping Sleeve

Source: JCM Industries, Inc.

JCM 414 Fabricated Mechanical Joint Tapping Sleeve

This tapping sleeve combines the high strength and versatility of fabricated steel with the traditional side and end gasketed mechanical joint design.

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These sleeves are ideal for potential problem installations where strength, weight and beam load considerations are critical. High strength steel eliminates cracked casting or flange possibility while the side and end gaskets provide a complete seal around the pipe. The reduced weight of the steel aids in installation and handling as well as reduces load on the pipe. Available in larger sizes, non-standard sizes and with many special options (special flanges, special laying lengths, etc.) As a standard, JCM tapping sleeve (flanged and MJ outlets) bolt patterns are configured for installation of the valve on a horizontal plane with a vertical valve stem position. For applications that require any other valve position, JCM sales team must be notified prior to fitting order to ensure the flange position will accommodate the application.

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