ISOLUX® Arsenic Removal Cartridges


Applied Cartridge Systems provide a choice of user-friendly cartridges to meet a range of water treatment issues. The NSF 61 certified ISOLUX® cartridges, (also known as ATOMUS® I22), are designed specifically to remove Arsenic from drinking water. Using a proprietary Zirconium adsorption media, ISOLUX® cartridges remove Arsenic III & V simultaneously down to non-detect levels, even in extremely high concentration applications.

ISOLUX Cartridges - Clean and Convenient.

  • Only 42” long and weighing just 21 lbs., cartridges are easily loaded by one person
  • Cartridges are sealed so there is never any contact with messy media.
  • Non-toxic - Spent cartridges safely disposed of in the garbage or landfill

Applied Process Equipment, Inc.