News | April 29, 2020

Is Your Industrial Facility Close To The Benchmarks?


Do you want additional assurance for compliance with your industrial general stormwater permit? Is your industrial facility unpaved or have broken pavement that affects your stormwater quality?

StormwateRx has the answer:
Clara® Filter - a new, high-performance version of the classic Clara® Separator. Clara Filter is ideal for high-flow or high solids-loading stormwater treatment applications.

Clara Filter captures:

  • finer solids,
  • particulate metals and
  • neutral buoyancy trash and debris,

...while retaining the ability to trap hydrocarbons at a high flow rate.

Clara Filter is housed in a concrete structure that can serve as standalone treatment or as a pretreatment BMP for sites with high total suspended solid (TSS) loading and frequent high-flow stormwater events.

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Source: Newterra, Ltd.