Ion Exchange: Recoflo® Water Softener

Eliminate biological fouling and increase throughput. In just four easy cycle steps, the Recoflo® Water Softener outperforms other softeners with superior efficiency, reduced costs, half the brine, and twice the throughput.

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Brochure: Recoflo® Water Softener
Datasheet: RecoPur® EOR Water Treatment System
Datasheet: RecoPur® CBM Water Treatment System

Eco-Tec's Recoflo® Water Softener utilizes the next generation of ion exchange with compressed-bed, counter-current technology. With the consistent philosophy of a simple package with proven reliability, the Recoflo® Water Softener produces softened water at lower operating and total installed costs.

The Recoflo® Water Softener can produce water with less than 0.1 mg/L total hardness using half of the brine required by other softeners. This high performance is the result of the rapid, proprietary, exchange kinetics of Recoflo®, that allows for the efficient use of brine and water while eliminating biological fouling.