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Introducing VTScadaLIGHT™ - A Free Version Of Trihedral's Award Winning SCADA Software

Source: Trihedral Engineering Limited
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In commemoration of 30 years of user commitment, Trihedral is reaffirming their desire that everyone experience great software by making HMI SCADA software available to everyone. “Passion drives us to create the best SCADA platform,” says Trihedral President Glenn Wadden. “For three decades we have been developing software that is powerful enough to run systems comprised of millions of I/O but instantly intuitive enough to learn quickly and manage easily. VTScada is our only product and our singular focus.” This year, Control Engineering magazine readers once again recognized VTScada in the HMI software category.

VTScadaLIGHT - Your first 10 copies of are free!

Previously, VTScada was only accessible by institutions that could afford industrial control systems. On this special anniversary, Trihedral is making their unique time-tested approach to SCADA software available to anyone who wants it.

VTScadaLIGHT is a 50 I/O development/runtime license with a mobile connection that is perfect for small industrial and personal applications. We provide up to ten VTScadaLIGHT Licenses to individuals or businesses. This license is nearly full featured making it perfect for no-risk trials, students and hobbyists. Since it does not expire or limit running time, it is also great for small industrial applications. When your needs outgrow 50 I/O, we make that easy too.

Creating a Culture of Innovation

Operators, integrators, inventors, students, creators, farmers, instructors, developers, and even mad scientists will love its ease of installation and simple learning curve. Using an all-in-one event-driven architecture results in low PC performance requirements making VTScada perfect for USB computers or Panel PCs connected to small systems like microbreweries or for home automation.

Resources for Success

In addition to instantly intuitive development tools, Trihedral offers materials to help get you started in no time. A 5-minute video shows you how to create applications, connect to devices, and display values to your screen. Context-sensitive help files are always just an F1 key away. Simple demo applications (like the Weather JSON Demo pictured above) give you working examples to build on. The new VTScada User’s Forum provides a place to share your challenges and triumphs with VTScada’s international community of developers and users.

One Simple Install Includes the Following:

  • An Intuitive Application Development Environment
  • Human-Machine Interface Built for Operators
  • Built-in Industrial Historian With Click-to-Trend
  • Mobile Access Using Any HTML5 Browser
  • Alarm Management & Statistics Reporting
  • System Backup and Redundancy Capability
  • Integrated Security Including Support For Users and Roles
  • Effortless Version Control With Change History
  • Industrial Drivers for Most PLCs and RTUs
  • Integrated Mapping Display and Navigation
  • JSON Driver for IOT and IIOT
  • Native Scripting Language for Unlimited Customization

Opening the Door for the Next 30 Years of VTScada Users

“We are proud of our software,” says Wadden. “We are confident that once you try it you will want to keep using it on your future monitoring and control projects. On this anniversary, our gift to you is our passion for great SCADA software.”

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SOURCE: Trihedral Engineering Limited

Trihedral Engineering Limited