Source: Bilfinger Water Technologies


A wide variety of bar screens and screening machine integration for high-grade power units such as condensers and pumps that require reliable protection against foreign objects. 

The Business Unit GEIGER offers customized solutions for intake structures in raw water extraction from rivers and inland waters as well as in seawater extraction. These include comprehensive consultation, optimal coordination of system technology and structure, sophisticated construction adapted to the respective application as well as state-of-the-art production according to the highest quality standards.

The flexibility of the water intake systems and the use of the latest technologies and materials ensure that the individual performance requirements of the operator or plant manufacturer are fulfilled for:

  • power stations (cooling water, seawater desalination)
  • industrial (process water extraction, raw water extraction)
  • drinking water purification (river water extraction, seawater desalination)
  • water management (fish protection in bar rake and screening machines)

Machines / know-how and customized solutions for your water intake project. You can count on these water intake systems and on enduring, partnership-based support - on every continent in the world.

The products are delivered to the job site, and our assembly service division arranges for the proper installation and commissioning of the plant as well as training of operating personnel with its qualified, internationally experienced staff.

Our after-sales support team provides you with professional and expert on-site consultation regarding maintenance and repair as well as effective spare parts management. We are also there to offer help and advice in reorganization, reconstruction and expansion work.