News | August 11, 2022

Innovative Blockchain Technology Company Targets Water Scarcity In The U.S.

As prolonged water stress has devasting effects on public health and economic development, the United States has now announced water scarcity as a national security issue. Over the last two decades, more than 50% of the US has regularly experience drought conditions. Drought Monitor reported Texas in particular “had a dry start to 2022 with nearly 84% of the state is now dealing with some level of drought”.

Botanical Water Technologies (BWT), which operates in Melbourne, Australia will launch its first US-based project in early September 2022, partnering with the country’s second-largest tomato processor Ingomar Packing Co, located near Los Banos in the San Joaquin Valley in California. In the first year, their partnership is set to provide water to local drought-impacted communities. This is the start of a broader roll-out to develop a significant presence in the US and Mexico regions experiencing water scarcity.

BWT technology harvests and purifies evaporative condensate, which until now was usually discarded at fruit and vegetable processing plants to create a new sustainable source of potable water. Using this innovative technology, a typical processor could harvest between 50-100M gallons of potable water each season.

The water harvested can be used as a new sustainable ingredient for food and beverage companies to avoid withdrawals from basins and aquifers, for environmental replenishment programs (to recharge water sources), and for community’s experience drought conditions or without access to water infrastructure resources.

The Botanical Water Exchange (BWX), a blockchain water trading platform, developed by Fujitsu, will enable participants a frictionless way to identify available water, and trade within a secure and transparent platform.

New in the corporate world, Chief Impact Officers are appointed to lead the strategy and elevate how a company’s service or product offering, priorities, and values will maximise meaning full change for people, the planet, and stakeholders.

James Rees, the Chief Impact Officer at BWT based in Houston, leads BWT’s North American market and collaborates with regional stakeholders to allocate harvested water for its highest and best use. "We are collaborating with Corporates and NGO Partners in the US and Mexico to maximize the impact of their water, sustainability, and community programs. BWT harvested water reduces the need for basin and acquirer withdrawals to ensure water is more available for those who need it.” James said.

The BWT ecosystem assists to address global water scarcity experienced by nearly two-thirds of the worldwide population and aims to realize sustainable, circular water usage. "With global water supplies under severe pressure from climate change and growing worldwide demand, BWT will help businesses achieve sustainability goals and alleviate water shortages through the development of the world's first plant-based water trading platform." Terry Paule, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at BWT.

With the potential to access over 10,000 locations worldwide, BWT has the opportunity to impact the lives of over 100 million people by 2025 with clean and safe potable water.

About BWT
BWT owns patented technology which extracts water from plants (fruit, vegetables, and sugar cane, etc) in the juicing, concentrate and milling process that has been previously wasted (up to 3 trillion additional litres) and produces clean ingredient and impact water.

Until recently, this aqueous liquid was discarded with environmental detriment. Their technology enables the harvesting of this water to create the world's first ‘plant-based’ purified water - ‘Botanical Water’ (their bottled water brand name is ‘AquaBotanical’), a name reflective of its new source.

They’ve created an ecosystem that allows for the harvesting, purification, and delivery of Botanical Water via a trusted blockchain water trading platform. The Botanical Water Exchange (BWX) platform provides a frictionless way to gift water for environmental and philanthropic impact projects but also incorporates sustainable solutions for regional and global FMCG food producers to re-use or utilize this water as ingredient or throughout the production process.

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Source: Botanical Water Technolgies (BWT)