Innovation In Online Analytical Instrumentation Continues


An industry expert describes the importance and evolution of instrumentation for a variety of water/wastewater applications.

Disinfectant monitoring, dissolved oxygen (DO) monitoring, pH, ORP, conductivity — these key information parameters are the cornerstones for Swan Analytical, which provides online analytical instruments for both water and wastewater.

The latest in the Swan line is a chlorine analyzer that measures from 5 to 50 parts per million (ppm), using a new kind of technology and chemistry to do so. According to Bob Langie, VP of sales and marketing, the new analyzer’s key benefit is “helping the wastewater treatment people, especially in graywater applications and chlorine contact tank applications, to make sure that they don’t over-chlorinate or under-chlorinate.”

Precision measurement, in all online analytical applications, saves money, protects water quality, and keeps facilities in compliance with regulations. Learn more advantages and capabilities, as well as the O&M implications of choosing the right type of instrumentation, by clicking the Radio Player below.

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