Innov8 Digital Register


The water utility industry is changing as the cost of treating and delivering water is constantly rising. Utilities need to be more efficient while utilizing fewer resources. Increased consumer awareness and higher water bills must be met with responsive customer service. Information is being demanded to analyze billing reads and consumption patterns. Large end-users are looking for techniques to assist with conservation and cost controls. Clearly, demands upon water industry professionals are increasing.

As a result, water utility managers are looking for products that can provide solutions. They need powerful and flexible tools to respond to the mounting demands of the water utility.  Transparent Technologies’ universal Innov8 Smart Register not only provides advanced data collection, consumption analysis, and AMR functionality but also restores new meter accuracy on most brands of used water meters already installed within your distribution system.

The universal Innov8 electronic register immediately adds a myriad of advanced features and functions to new or used water meters without the cost or labor to change a water meter. The Innov8 universal digital register is compatible with standard displacement, multi-jet, turbine and compound water meters.
Metering systems deploying the Innov8 register will restore low-flow accuracy, increase billing revenue, increase customer service features and add state-of-the-art drive-by AMR functionality.

Increase Resolution of Data:
Another direct benefit of the measurement principle is the data resolution. With most odometer registers, the available data is typically only in billing units (i.e. 1000 G or 100 Ft3). The Innov8 register records every turn of the magnet in the meter.
Billing Unit = 1000 Magnet Turn = 0.03 gal Improvement = 33,333%

Restore and Improve Low-Flow Accuracy:
The Innov8 register adds to the measurement performance of any meter. But when deployed on aged residential meters, the effect is an immediate improvement in low-flow accuracy resulting in extended life for the meter and enhanced revenue

Universal Compatibility:
The Innov8 electronic register can be attached to almost any common residential or commercial water meter.

The Innov8 register has 512k (32,000 data points) of memory for datalogging which can be programmed for intervals between 1 minute to 1 hour (the default is 5 minutes). The data can be easily and quickly downloaded via the RF or IR channels. Data is stored accurately with an on-board real-time clock which makes the data appropriate for engineering studies for district metering and infrastructure studies.

IR Port:
Used for local configuration, testing and datalogging

Embedded M2w:
Spread Spectrum Radio: High-Performance AMR and 2-way remote datalogging

Standard AMR Output:
An industry standard 2-wire/3-wire output for radios and touchpads

Scaleable Pulse Output:
Total (volume) output for general SCADA
4-20 mA SCADA Output: Flowrate output for SCADA

Valve Control Output:
Output for Remote Shutoff Valve

Salvage Mode:
Mode to Extract Final Read