Industry's First Driver Multiplexer

Source: Trihedral Engineering Limited
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Reduces Downtime and Integration Costs

VTScada HMI software from Trihedral Engineering has long supported automatic failover of both application servers and internet servers. VTScada version 10.2 extends this protection to include both redundant PLCs and redundant communication links to the HMI using the industry’s first Driver Multiplexer tag (or DriverMUX).

A whole New Level of Seamless Automatic Failover

By connecting an I/O tag to the DriverMUX tag, you are able to configure a redundant line of communication to a single device or to two separate devices. If either the primary connection or the primary device should fail; the DriverMUX switches to the redundant instantly and automatically.

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Trihedral Engineering Limited is recognized as a leading manufacturer of HMI/SCADA software. The worldwide appeal of their software is demonstrated by a large satisfied customer base spanning four continents.

SOURCE: Trihedral Engineering Limited

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