Industrial Washbays

Source: ClearBlu Environmental


ClearBlu's industrial washbay systems feature ruggedized construction throughout, and above-ground mud and solids separation that reduces operating costs by up to 90% over pumping pits.

ClearBlu designs and builds industrial washbays with these key features:

  • Ruggedized construction throughout
  • Above ground mud and solids separation reduces operating costs by up to 90% over pumping pits
  • Biodigester technology completely eliminates odor and completely digests grease and oil as well as soap
  • All piping is unistrut mounted for years of durability
  • All pumps are industrial cast iron for years of service. No pool pumps are used

The result of these goals are clear to industrial users:

  • Our custom designed drive-on grate screen out heavy solids, such as gravel, that destroys sump pumps.
  • Our self cleaning basins leave nothing in ground. All of the mud, grease and oil are pumped above ground. This eliminates in-ground tanks that can leak and cause soil remediation issues.
  • We eliminate sand filters completely. Sand filters used on most recycling systems are adapted pool filters. This technology is completely inappropriate for industrial washbays. Instead, we settle solids out in above ground settling tanks. These tanks utilize automatic pinch valves to deposit settled mud and solids into hoppers. Handling dry solids reduces maintenance pumping costs by 90%. The tanks allow grease and oil to float through to the treatment system, leaving the settled mud non-hazardous.
  • Greasy and oily water passes directly through to a biodigester. Biodigesters represent the best in treatment technology. They literally digest all hydrocarbons including grease, oil, fuel and soap. They are resilient and forgiving and never limit your washhours.
  • Industrial installation that are meant to last utilize piping instead of hoses and unistrut mounting of all key components
  • Automating mud handling is a large component of efficient systems. Having mechanics shovel out mud trenches or pumping out in-ground separators is expensive. Automatic pinch valves deposit settled mud into self-dumping mud hoppers