Case Study

Improving The Quality Of Tertiary Effluent For Indirect Potable Reuse With Geographic Constraints

Source: Mazzei Injector Company, LLC
Improving the Quality of Tertiary Effluent for Indirect Potable Reuse_PIX

The Mazzei Sidestream Venturi Injection – Pipeline Flash Reactor System provides a feasible alternative for dissolution of ozone at the Clark County Water Reclamation District (CCWRD) in Las Vegas, because it allowed for flexibility in basin design to meet geographic site constraints.

The initial ozone contacting design consisted of two fine bubble diffusion (FBD) systems with traditional over/under baffled concrete tanks. However, native soils in the area were identified during the design phase as “critically expansive and highly compressible.” After having to demolish previous structures at the AWT Facility and CP due to structural damage caused by the soil, all new concrete structures, including the proposed FBD ozone contactor(s), were required to be supported by drilled concrete piers, which made conventional bubble diffusion an expensive alternative. 

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