Identifying Power System Problems At The Plant— What You Need To Know

Source: Eaton
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Power management is an often overlooked segment of the water industry. But plants require electrical power, and power systems come with their own set of challenges.    

Jim Yoho, from power management company Eaton Corporation, discusses how to identify those challenges in an interview with Water Online Radio. 

 “If your power is becoming unreliable, you’re having cable failures, you’re seeing disturbances, trips, or if you’re not up to date with the latest national electric code for something like arc flash mitigation, you should look at having some studies done of your system,” explains Yoho in the interview. “If nothing else, looking at the system and providing an up to date one-line is always a good opportunity to understand the overall distribution system of your facility.”

Eaton Corporation provides a variety of power solutions for the water industry, including power circuit protection, arc flash studies, arc flash mitigation equipment, variable frequency drive, motor control and studies, and engineering services.

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