Application Note

Hydrogen Sulfide Removal From Water Using AquaSorb® CX-MCA

Source: Jacobi Carbons Inc.

The “rotten egg” odor in some water supplies is caused by sulfide in water. Sulfide can be treated using oxidation techniques, the goal being to convert the sulfide to high oxidation state species such as sulfate to eliminate the taste and odor concerns. Traditional oxidation techniques such as ozone and chlorine can be used, but can be expensive due to the equipment required to add and monitor the oxidant, and can lead to by-products such as trihalomethanes (THMs), which are regulated in drinking water supplies.

Activated carbon, a well recognized technology for removal of various compounds from water, can be utilized to remove sulfide from water, without the need to add additional oxidant. Although not a traditional application for activated carbon, sulfide in water is removed by a carbon catalyzed oxidation reaction, utitlizing dissolved oxygen in the water.