News | May 23, 2014

Hydro Launches Online Sizing Calculator For Downstream Defender Stormwater Treatment

Sample Screen Shot - Manually Select DD Size

Designing in high-performance, low headloss stormwater treatment is now simpler and quicker for drainage design consultants with the launch of an online sizing tool for the Downstream Defender from Hydro International.

The Downstream Defender Sizing Calculator empowers designers to select and specify the most appropriate Downstream Defender model size needed with the option to generate product drawings, save project designs and submit projects for design reviews and price estimates.

The Downstream Defender is a high-efficiency manhole-based hydrodynamic vortex separator that offers particulate stormwater pollutant removal in a small footprint with minimal headlosses. Engineers can size Downstream Defender models in the software according to many various city and state regulatory agency requirements.

“Before the launch, we trailed the online tool with more than 200 users and consulting engineers and received a very positive response,” comments Lisa Lemont, Hydro Business Development Manager. “They really liked being able to easily and rapidly test sizing options as well as getting all-important guidance on whether online or offline configurations would be best on any given project.

“While Hydro provides design consultants with a full technical support service for the Downstream Defender, we recognize that they may want to explore several variations before referring a project for Hydro to size and price up. Designers can also save their projects for reference and further editing.”

The Downstream Defender Sizing Calculator takes the user step-by-step through the selection and sizing process with options to size by Regulatory Agency, target particulate pollution by particle size, or simply by the required Downstream Defender model, if known. The software also makes suggestions for the suitability of either continuous online or offline drainage layout options. The designer can then generate detail drawings with standard or site-specific elevations and a written specification for ease of use in project proposals.

A simple log-in procedure for the Downstream Defender Sizing Calculator on the website sets up a secure account resource unique to each engineer, allowing the build-up of a library of design iterations to be stored for past and current projects. It is easy to customize the inlet and/or outlet pipe size, the elevations of the inlet and outlet pipes and the manhole cover based on site-specific topography.

Editing is rapid, so that project details can be added and amended as a stormwater site design progresses. Once a design is complete, users may opt to submit their design for a free review and price estimate by Hydro’s Technical Support Team.

The Downstream Defender is proven to be more efficient than other structural treatment devices in as little as half the footprint. Headloss is very low making it ideal for use on drainage lines with shallow grades. The Downstream Defender is in service both nationally and internationally for protecting drainage and watercourses from sediment and pollution loads.

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SOURCE: Hydro International