Hydraulic Pressure Booster - Turbocharger ERD

Source: Fluid Equipment Development Company (FEDCO)

The Hydraulic Pressure Booster - Turbocharger ERD is fully custom engineered using state of the art computation fluid dynamics software. A turbocharger does not just recover energy, but also helps to keep an RO system in balance.

Product Summary:

High Performance Energy Recovery

  • Efficient, Reliable Energy Recovery up to 124 bar
  • Reduce Footprint, Energy, and Capex Inputs Requirements
  • Reduce pump and motor requirements

Built for Resilience

  • Zero Brine Mixing, Better Permeate Quality
  • Reduced Downtime with Minimal Scheduled Maintenance
  • Rely on Safe and Straightforward Startup and Shutdown

Unlock Optimal Designs

  • Custom Engineered for Better RO System Performance
  • Enables Simple RO Configurations with No Feed Splitting
  • Increase Duty Points with Self Regulating Energy Recovery

Get Up and Running—Fast

  • Short Lead Times
  • Simple Installation and Minimal Operator Training
  • Rapid Commissioning

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