Article | February 22, 2012

Small Wonder: Compact, Reliable Ozone For Advanced Wastewater Disinfection

Source: Pinnacle Ozone

By David Carpenter, Pinnacle Ozone

Pinnacle Ozone works with many water professionals in North and South America using a wide spectrum of application methods for water and wastewater treatment. One such company using a novel approach to wastewater treatment is BlueInGreen®, LLC, which is based in Fayetteville, Arkansas. At BlueInGreen, their Hyperconcentrated Dissolved Ozone process, otherwise known as HyDOZ®, is an advanced oxidation process utilizing hyperconcentrated dissolved ozone that disinfects wastewater. The advantage of the patented technology is that it dissolves more ozone into water than traditional injection or mixing technique methods which therefore requires less ozone production. It also operates more efficiently throughout process fluctuations than competing technologies. In addition, it provides other ancillary benefits that include the ability to significantly reduce or reduce below non-detect levels phenolic endocrine disrupters, personal care products, and a substantial number of trace pharmaceuticals commonly found in wastewater. Also, as oxygen is used to feed the ozone generation and HyDOZ process, BlueInGreen's technology provides more than enough dissolved oxygen to meet the post-aeration need requirements of typical wastewater treatment plants.