HRS Submersible Mixers

Source: HOMA Pump Technology

HRS Submersible Mixers

HOMA submersible mixers are used in various applications - homogenization, suspension of solids, flow generation, freeze prevention and other mixing or flushing duties. Fibrous solids in the medium are particularly challenging because they lead to entanglement/fouling in the propeller area that can seriously impair the performance of the mixer.

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To address this challenge, HOMA Research & Development has designed a new propeller for the HRS/CHRS submersible mixer series. The optimum-efficiency propeller design reliably prevents entanglement/fouling by eliminating flow dead zones near the propeller blades. Know-how made by HOMA.

Compact Versatility:
HOMA submersible HRS and CHRS series submersible mixers are used in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, industrial processing, agriculture and many other applications. The robust design of the mixers assure trouble-free operation even under the most demanding conditions. The hydraulically optimized propeller design and efficient motor unit results in outstanding efficiency and excellent mixing performance with minimal flow losses.

High-quality materials and engineering expertise ensure the well-known HOMA quality of our motors: Silicon carbide mechanical shaft seals, electronic oil chamber seal probes and thermal protection switches in the motor windings assure longevity.

The models of the CHRS series can even be operated in many chemically aggressive media. For more information on corrosion resistance, please contact the HOMA sales team.

Solid, flexible and easy to handle installation systems allow optimal and individual positioning of the mixers as well as easy installation and maintenance.

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