HR LCD 4-20 Scaled/Unscaled

Source: Badger Meter
HR LCD 4-20 ScaledUnscaled.jpg

High-Resolution LCD 4-20 scaled/unscaled registers feature an electronic LCD register with scaled/unscaled output and an analog 4-20 mA DC output through a dual output wire design. They are designed for use with Recordall® Disc Series, Turbo Series, Compound Series, Combo Series and Fire Service meters and connect to SCADA and other external systems.


  • Output Flexibility: Built with a dual output wire design, allowing you to connect to varying devices depending on your needs
  • Field Programmability: Users can reconfigure rate-of-flow time and units, analog output and other necessary specifications
  • Enhanced Data: Provides consistent data to customers to help detect leaks and reverse flows, improving operations and avoiding revenue loss