From The Editor | April 30, 2014

How To Select The Right Valve And Valve Control System For Your WWTP

Laura Martin

By Laura Martin,


When an abundance of solids collect around a valve used for wastewater treatment, it can result in a reduced flow. This is often overcome by increasing the size of the pump, so that the speed of the water can break through the solids.

But installing a bigger pump is not always the most cost-efficient method when the long-term financial picture is considered, said Timothy Fallon, a product manager at Henry Pratt Company.

“The bigger size of a pump you need the more power you are going to consume and the more money you are going to have to pay,” said Fallon.

Instead of replacing the pump, Fallon suggests looking at the type of valve used.  For wastewater treatment plants using swing check valves, plug valves may be a more effective alternative.