How To Prevent Catastrophic Chain And Scraper Failure

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies
How To Prevent Catastrophic Chain And Scraper Failure

Evoqua experts give advice on warning signs and preventative maintenance.

Q: What are some warning signs before a major failure?

A: Improper chain tension is the leading cause of chain and scraper failure. Observe the flight as it leaves the headshaft and while skimming the surface on the return. If the flight is skewed or intermittently stops or stalls, this indicates loose chain.

Operators can also watch for jumping chains as the chain leaves the sprockets. This happens because of hooking teeth on the sprockets. Also, if the chain is entering the sprocket at an angle or the timing is off from one side to the other, it can quickly wear down components and cause further stress on the chain and flights. This increases operating costs and can significantly shorten the life of the chain.