How To Improve Utility O&M With Fewer Personnel


Time is money, and the value proposition from Siemens Process Industries and Drives is to save both for utilities.

“One of the things we’ve noticed is that, just like in so many other parts of our lives, everybody’s being forced to do more with less,” says Siemens’ Scott Lee.

Lee explains that municipalities today have fewer resources than in days past, making it difficult for utility personnel to keep up – at least under the old O&M model, working with outdated equipment.

“By putting a product out in the marketplace with extended warranties, with service contracts, and with a mean time between failures of 357 years, a customer doesn’t have to work on it. It frees him up to do something else.”

Lee was referencing Siemens’ virtually maintenance-free magnetic flow meter on the instrumentation side of the business, but they also specialize in automation and control products such as drives and switchgear.

Learn more about the specific offerings and capabilities Siemens has available, including operator training and facility-maintenance services, by tuning into Lee’s interview with Water Online Radio below.

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