How To Improve The Water Resiliency Of U.S. Cities

How To Improve The Water Resiliency Of US Cities

Arcadis’ Sustainable Cities Water Index reviews 50 cities around the globe across a string of sustainability measures such as water efficiency, water resiliency and water quality. As Chris Hill, Vice President of Water Supply and Treatment Lead for North America, explains in this Water Online Radio interview, the U.S. cities perform well in the areas of water quality and water efficiency but tend to lag European communities in the area of water resiliency.

Despite progress in cities such as New Orleans and New York City that have invested millions in infrastructure to deal with the threat of flood water following Katrina and Sandy respectively, aging infrastructure and growing city populations coupled with a lack of political will to address resiliency challenges, continues to hamper U.S. cities.

To hear Hill’s path to improved resiliency including better resiliency planning and public education, listen here:

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