How To Heat And Cool Buildings With Wastewater

Source: Huber Technology, Inc.
How To Heat And Cool Buildings With Wastewater

Most companies and agencies today operate with the concept of business sustainability. This is a holistic way of managing a business that includes environmental, social, and financial responsibilities. To meet this triple bottom line, companies must find ways to be cost-efficient, socially responsible, and eco-friendly at the same time.

Heating and cooling facilities use large amounts of energy, which accounts for much of a company’s operating costs. With new technologies, companies can reduce reliance on fossil fuels while saving money.

HUBER Technology is an innovator in the field of water and wastewater process engineering. For over 175 years, HUBER has focused on the development of new solutions to conserve one of our most valuable resources: water.

Water Online spoke with Steven E. Macomber, regional sales director for HUBER, to learn about recovering thermal energy from wastewater.