Application Note

How One Wastewater Treatment Plant Saved Time And Money Measuring Turbidity And TSS

Source: YSI, a Xylem brand

The wastewater treatment plant of a major corporation is designed for a population capacity of 6 million people and is considered a very large wastewater treatment plant. More than 120 million cubic meters (4.2 billion cubic feet) of wastewater are processed, cleaned and discharge per year.

The plant predominantly treats production wastewater from the large corporation, plus municipal wastewater from the three connected cities with an approximate population of 225,000. Due to its origin and constituents, the wastewater influent is a more difficult mixture to clean than a municipal only plant. This means the effluent limit requirements that have to be met are especially high both for plant operation and subsequently for the choice of instrumentation used to help monitor and control the process.

The facility requirements for turbidity measurements under the given conditions were stringent in order to ensure compliance and improve process efficiency.