Article | November 13, 2019

How Can I Use NGS To Improve My Industrial Process?

Source: LuminUltra Technologies Ltd.

By Shawn Watkins

How Can I Use NGS to Improve My Industrial Process

First of all, what is NGS?

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is a tool that has revolutionized many fields of study.  It also goes by some other names that you may come across including Second Generation Sequencing (SGS) and massively parallel sequencing (MPS).

And, what does NGS do?

So far DNA sequencing has played a large part in molecular biology, evolutionary biology, medicine, forensics and more, but are you aware it can play a significant role in the water treatment sector? While our current ATP technology can quantify the microbes in your system, NGS will provide even more insight by identifying nearly all microbes present along with an insight into what impact they are having on your processes.