'Hot' Water Treatment: Trending Technologies For Utilities


What are the key innovations that are actually being implemented, here and now, and creating a paradigm shift in water and wastewater treatment?  Jess Brown, VP and director of R&D for Carollo Engineers, tackled that question for Todd and Todd of Water Online Radio.

Brown first identifies the trends and drivers pushing new ideas to the fore, as well as potential obstacles. He then shares insight on emerging technologies that have long been in development, but are now finally being realized. Some examples include:

  • Waste-to-energy
  • Nutrient recovery systems
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Planning models
  • Biological drinking water treatment

"I know some clients that are targeting and are very close to actually removing themselves from the power grid, and generating all the energy they need on-site,” says Brown, touting the potential of wastewater as a resource.

“On the drinking water side, [we’re] leveraging nature to overcome some of the limitations we're currently facing in conventional drinking water treatment plants. That's really what biological treatment's all about, and I think that's a very exciting area that we'll see in the next decade.”

Learn more from Brown about Carollo’s efforts and the state of innovation in water/wastewater by tuning into the interview below.