Case Study

Project Profile: Highland Hills MHC Highland, MI 450 GPM AD26 Arsenic, Iron System

Source: AdEdge Water Technologies, LLC.

By Adedge Technologies Inc.

In January 2008 AdEdge Technologies, Inc. was selected among other vendors by Nationwide MHP to supply a turnkey arsenic, iron, and manganese treatment system for the Highland Hills MHP in Highland, Michigan. The system consists of multiple wells that combine together to serve potable water to 306 connections and a population of 765 in the community. Several options were considered based on the need to remove the 1 mg/L iron and arsenic from 13 ppb to below the new MCL of 10 ppb. An AdEdge AD26 oxidation / filtration system was selected as the best overall approach to simultaneously remove both contaminants while having a small footprint to fit into the existing building space without a building expansion.

AdEdge Water Technologies, LLC.