HERO™ (High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis) Technology

Source: Aquatech International Corporation
Aquatech offers HERO™, the highly innovative and patented technology delivers unmatched value for the treatment in a variety of industrial water and wastewater applications. Using HERO™ directly translates into improved plant performance and reduced overall costs.

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HERO™, a Reverse Osmosis (RO) based process, is specially designed to treat aggressive feed waters. Constituents which often pose problems to conventional RO processes are handled with ease by HERO™. Examples of these constituents are biological matter, oil and grease, and silica. By effectively preventing these constituents from being a root cause to membrane scaling, the HERO™ process offers the operator and endusers HIGHER RECOVERIES AND OPERATIONAL BENEFITS. Both of these lead to REDUCED COSTS through:
  • Less Water Consumption
  • Less Use of Anti-Scalants
  • Less Cleaning Required
In a R/O process, feed water of high TDS is pressurized against a semi-permeable membrane. Part of the feed water permeates through this membrane and is of low TDS (total dissolves solids or salts) due to the rejection of salts by the membranes. The remaining part of the water is designated as reject and is of high TDS. Thus, RO operation results in concentration of salts in the reject stream. Limitations of a Conventional RO Process When designing an RO system, the natural saturation limits of various salts should not be exceeded, otherwise these salts would precipitate and scale the RO membranes. Silica is the most common process limiting constituent. At most commonly found conditions of 77F and pH between 6.5 to 7.5, the solubility of silica is 120 ppm. If silica in reject water exceeds more than 120 ppm under the above conditions, scaling of membranes would occur. Thus, if feed water has Silica of 50 ppm, maximum concentration possible under normal conditions of conventional RO would be reached within just 2 cycles of concentration. This would translate into a possible permeate recovery of approximately 50% from the feed water.

The HERO™ process (compared to a conventional RO system), is designed to increase the Silica solubility in the RO reject water to 1500 ppm and beyond. With the increased solubility, recoveries beyond 90% can be successfully achieved, under the conditions previously described. The following illustration is a graphical representation of increase in Silica Solubility factor with increasing pH of the water. As you can see, at a pH of 10 and above, the Silica solubility increases exponentially. This fact is extensively utilized in the design of HERO™ systems.

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Brochure: HERO™ Technology