Brochure | February 7, 2018

Helicon® Spiral Conveyor Brochure

Source: Parkson Corporation

Automatic, trouble-free solids handling for municipal and industrial applications.

Helicon® Conveying Features

  • Labor-saving, automatic, reliable conveyance adds new efficiency to the process
  • Smooth running, heavy-duty shaftless spiral provides large capacity, trouble-free conveying, even for difficult fibrous or stringy material
  • Totally enclosed conveying system keeps transport areas clean, contains odors and alleviates spills
  • Versatile, cost-efficient – can be specified with multiple entry points to collect material from different equipment
  • Rugged, durable, trough liner
  • Low maintenance – no hanger or loaded end bearings to grease and repair or to snag solids
  • User-friendly! Operates smoothly and automatically
  • Specify push or pull design for maximum flexibility