Case Study

Headworks® Steps Up To The Challenge Of Cavernous Screening

Source: Headworks International Inc.

The City of Greater Sudbury is located 390 kilometers (242 miles) north of Toronto and is the seventh largest municipality (by area) in Canada. The rolling hills and uneven landscape of Northern Ontario required that the screens and Pump Station for the Sudbury Wastewater Treatment Plant be built 27 meters (90 feet) underground 50 years ago. Miners were contracted to carve through rock and ultimately built a cavern where the primary screening is still housed today.

The plant was experiencing a series of very unique challenges that stem from the location of the underground screen room. First and foremost, the two manual bar screens installed at the plant required cleaning as often as three times each day. A two man crew would have to travel underground to physically rake screenings off both screens. The screenings were then loaded into a wheelbarrow and taken up to ground level by elevator for disposal.