News | October 24, 2018

HashCash Becomes Instrumental In Water Regulation In South Africa


The blockchain company will lend its services to implement a high-tech infrastructure to monitor water usage, a pressing issue after the water crisis this year

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) - The severe drought that brought Cape Town - one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world and the legislative capital of South Africa - into the headlines, served as a wake-up call to the growing water crisis afflicting major urban settlements around the world. Governments and municipalities are soliciting the expertise of software development companies to devise ways to sustain their water reserves. HashCash Consultants is one of the first to be enlisted for this service.

The drought which is said to have been triggered by El Nino two years ago took a toll on agricultural production and economic growth throughout the country, but it was Cape Town's predicament that had it declared a national disaster. The severity of the crisis was evident when the water level behind the Voëlvlei Dam dropped low enough to raise alarm. The government has even been preparing for a Day Zero when all public taps would be switched off in the city as a measure to bring wastage of water under control.

Apart from global warming, the primary reasons that exacerbated this situation have been recognized as rapid urbanization, a failure to harness rainwater (a large percentage of which flows into the sea), and lack of education on water preservation in the population. Resorting to a blockchain system to plan out ways to tackle these areas of contention streamlines its execution.

HashCash Consultants is working with regulators to record the rainwater footprint on a decentralized, immutable ledger that can be accessed by all for verification and reference. The platform will take a net-positive approach to track water usage by manufacturing units, housing complexes, and agricultural lands. Currently, Cape Town has a population of 4 million, and auditing their daily water consumption is a huge challenge, and requires a computing base with unlimited storage to prevent system crashes and delayed processing of data. This requirement is also met by blockchain technology.

The team is focusing on promoting water resilience and is part of the advisory council of projects projected to build new dams. The company also plans to take on board interns during their work there to educate the populace on the application of blockchain to preserve water sources.

As Cape Town citizens continue to live under strict water regulations, the impact of global warming has reached other shores. Mexico City, Jakarta, Melbourne in Australia, certain cities in India, and some urban settlements in North and South America face threats of running out of drinking water soon. Efforts by the I.T. sector could help alleviate that plight.

In the wake of increasing scalability of blockchain, software development companies like HashCash Consultants are being sought to customize the technology to optimize the efficiency and profitability of various industries. The ones with impressive track records are often roped in as reliable technology providers to partner with to address crucial environmental issues.

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