News | June 14, 2004

Haestad Methods Releases FlowMaster 2005

Advanced Hydraulic Toolbox Helps Engineers Solve Problems Quickly and Easily

Waterbury, CT - Today, Haestad Methods introduced FlowMaster 2005, an advanced version of its popular hydraulic toolbox for water resources engineers. FlowMaster 2005 is a powerful, easy-to-use modeling software program that lets professionals streamline the hydraulic design and analysis of pipes, open channels, weirs, orifices, and inlets.

Version 2005 now includes gradually varied flow analysis and several new section types to assist engineers with solving complex hydraulic problems quickly and accurately. Improved graphical formatting and customization capabilities make the built-in rating tables and performance curves even more attractive.

"Haestad's hydraulic toolbox continues to help engineers work smarter by providing the flexibility to solve for any unknown variable, and the software's newly enhanced explorer-style worksheet management capabilities make it easier than ever to organize complex projects," said Gregg Herrin, Product Manager for stormwater and sanitary sewer applications for Haestad Methods. "Civil engineers need a product with a straightforward interface for performing accurate hydraulic calculations, and that's exactly what FlowMaster gives them."

FlowMaster's unique design and analysis techniques, combined with its ease of use, have made it the tool of choice for tens of thousands of engineers. Basil Finnegan, Building Official for the Town of Bridgewater, Virginia, stated, "I use FlowMaster exclusively now for checking ditch capacity and velocity constraints, curb inlet sizing, and pressure drops for water service piping to new construction."

Version 2005 empowers modelers to:

  • Quickly perform hydraulic calculations for dozens of element types, from pipes to open channels to drop inlets to weirs
  • Solve for any unknown property or design for any desired characteristic
  • Produce detailed reports, graphs, and rating tables
  • Generate gradually varied flow profiles for pipes and open channels.
FlowMaster has been accepted by the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and added to its list of numerical models accepted for use in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). For more information on FlowMaster, visit

Source: Haested Methods